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James Bond @007

  • @mikemokotow Just now?

  • @richardkhornsey That's a good start Richard!

  • @MichaelJRWhite That was at seven Michael...

  • @LadyRugstarz Our pleasure! Thanks for taking part this evening...

  • @007hertzrumble How about you take a shot at it?

  • @timvcarls you can email us at

  • @bfcastillor ... just outside the top ten...

  • @telldebatz It didn't make the top thirty! Competition was very fierce...

  • @007hertzrumble Some things are best not attempted in public...

  • @timvcarls Thanks Tim... tomorrow we'll be asking you for your favourite non-Bond character in #SKYFALL and why...

  • @stanton_1988 Great line, but it didn't make the top twenty...

  • Your favourite #SKYFALL line, at number 1 by a huge margin, is James Bond: “007, reporting for duty.”

  • @andyfleet It was in the top twenty, Andy.

  • @007hertzrumble "If..."? Do you not believe us?

  • Your favourite #SKYFALL line, number 2, is M: “Oh go on then, eject me. See if I care.”

  • @wbtennant007 That is one of our absolute favourites too... but will it be number one?

  • @lxyankeesxl You'll know in five minutes!

  • Your favourite #SKYFALL line, number 3, is James Bond: “Some men are coming to kill us. We are going to kill them first.”

  • @timvcarls "Resurrection"? Or "What makes you think this is my first time?" Both are in the top ten but not number one...

  • @ladyrugstarz It's addictive! Once you start quoting from #SKYFALL it's hard to stop...